Whee Teck's Watercolor Drib Drab

I am based in Singapore working on a variety of mediums, my favorite being watercolor. Most of my paintings are filled with splashes of bright colors - landscapes and flowers being my favorite subjects.
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I believe that anyone can learn how to sketch and paint. I started painting late 2011 and in many ways have surprised myself. I'd would have considered myself as one who couldn't draw at all when I started. I believe anyone can pick up sketching (in fact learn anything if you have the will and tenacity to hang on to it.) I believe in putting the effort and set a clear goal, then it is possible to learn how to draw well.

Having spend more than 19 years in consulting, IT and banking - in 2012 I took time off from work to meditate on God's grace, have more time with my family and to paint. In May 2012 I had my first exhibition...
I had an absolute blast at the exhibition - for a 15min walkthrough of it click here Exhibition@YouTube

While working in the exciting world of information technology I have managed to find some pockets of time to sketch and paint mostly to relax and to enjoy the world around me.

I'm also a passionate educator with STMI@NUS
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Currently I also serve as an exco of the Singapore Computer Society
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